You may review all our textiles as well as our collection of wall coverings and carpets directly on our website.

Please place your orders online. We only receive orders by e-mail at: sales(at)bluknightdecor.com

Textiles have a minimum order of 3 meters and any incremental yardage is cut by the full meter only, no any smaller amount. Orders below the 3-meter minimum are subjects to a cutting fee of 25% or more.

Please review our Orders, Shipping & Returns Policy for more detailed information.


Please be aware that silk is a natural product and therefore will always have natural imperfections. Weave and shade variations, nubs and slubs are to be expected in fine 100% silk yarns. Removing them would not only weaken the fabric, but also destroy part of the natural beauty and character. In addition, silk products must be protected from the sun. Draperies should be lined and in some cases interlining is recommended. Colors can fade by oxidation (gas fading ) if unaired in storage for a long period of time.

Blu Knight Décor Ltd cannot accept responsibility for silk fabrics left in their packaging for long periods of time and/or stored improperly.


Velvet fabric should be removed from its packaging and used as soon as possible to avoid crushing. Always store a roll of velvet in a horizontal and hanging position, either in a special shelving system or in the original box within its suspension.

Blu Knight Décor Ltd cannot accept responsibility for velvets left in their packaging for long periods of time and/or stored improperly.


Paints and special dye jobs should be made to match actual fabrics, and not the memo samples.


Blu Knight Décor Ltd utilizes the highest quality dyes, but our products are not guaranteed against color fading from undue exposure to the sun or other atmospheric conditions.

Dry cleaning is recommended at regular intervals. Very few fabrics are washable. Be sure to check the product instructions to verify.


Many Blu Knight Décor products are available in flame resistant or already treated for soil resistance. All additional processing is at the customer’s risk and expense. Room for shrinkage must be allowed when processing or adding flame retardants, special coatings and backings, among other treatments.

Blu Knight Décor will drop-ship products to the processor of the customer’s choice. The processor will bill the customer directly. Blu Knight Décor Ltd shall not be liable for any damage that may incur during additional treatment applied after purchase.

We recommend the customer to contact Blu Knight Décor Ltd before arranging for any additional processing that may be unnecessary.


The absolute dimensional stability of fabrics cannot be guaranteed. Thus, double headings and generous hems are recommended.


Woven and printed patterns cannot always be completely square on the cloth. Before cutting, make sure pattern alignment is adequate to produce a satisfactory result.


Differences in width between fabrics and wall coverings with a similar pattern may result in design disparities. Make sure to see a sample of the product before placing an order.


Blu Knight Décor Ltd warrants to the buyer that our textile products will perform normally when used under normal conditions with proper maintenance and for the purpose intended. Blu Knight Décor Ltd limited and exclusive warranty is not assignable and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers and/or owners of the products. Additional fabric finishes or any stain or soil repellent treatment applied after purchase will void this limited warranty.

This limited warranty does not cover and expressly excludes any damage, loss, cost, defect or deficiency arising out of or relating to: (a) accident, abuse, misuse, vandalism or animals; (b) chemicals, improper cleaning or maintenance; (c) mold and mildew; (d) unreasonable use; (e) improper storage, handling, application, fabrication or installation practice; (f) fire, flood or other acts, omissions, causes or events beyond the control of Blu Knight Décor Ltd ; or (g) any other loss, cost, damage, defect or deficiency not within the scope of this limited and exclusive warranty.

This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty given by Blu Knight Décor Ltd with respect to this product. All other representations or warranties, express or implied, are expressly disclaimed, including any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or any implied warranties claimed to arise from trade usage, custom or course of dealing. In no event shall Blu Knight Décor Ltd's liability exceed the value of the goods.

All claims for defects hereunder must be presented to Blu Knight Décor Ltd, in writing, within ten (10) days after buyer has accepted the delivery of the said merchandise and discovers and/or should have discovered the alleged defect(s). Blu Knight Décor Ltd shall then be provided a reasonable opportunity to examine the allegedly nonconforming product and verify any such defect before its use or further processing. Failure of buyer to comply with these notice provisions shall constitute a waiver by buyer of all claims in respect thereto.